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About Us

About Us


Safcon Seals Private Limited is a specialized manufacturer of practical and effective tamper evident and high barrier security seals. Security seals help to curb tampering, theft, adulteration and pilferage. We are supplying these seals worldwide to various sectors including the transport & cargo, electric, gas & water utilities, banks, couriers, petroleum, telecom, airlines, healthcare, hotels, chemicals & bulk drug, lubricants, agrochemicals, postal services, warehouses, shipping, customs and excise, etc

Our technological and research capacity in terms of professional skills and resources continue to be great source of our strength. This, coupled with close involvement with customer requirements, enable us to manufacture and market good value, high quality products and to operate successfully around the world.


SAFCON′s aim is to be a recognized global leader in product innovation with quality manufacturing, responsive service and effective long-range planning, while enhancing value for its customers, creating opportunity for its business partners and providing an environment of personal and professional growth for its employees.


Safcon Seals Private Limited is aware that the performance of its management and workforce in regard to cost efficiency, quality of workmanship, on time delivery, response to customers, active communication and processing of orders to agreed programs, are of crucial importance to its customers. For this reason the finest technical skills and equipment are being brought together to provide our ‘CUSTOMERS’ WITH PERMANENT HIGH STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE, ZERO REJECTS, HIGH QUALITY SECURITY SEALS, AND THE GUARANTEE OF COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


Through continuous improvement and innovation the SAFCON is growing to become a one-stop source for tamper evident high barrier security seals and security labels. Dedicated to service, superior design and quality manufacturing, it is our goal to become the first choice supplier to our customers. At SAFCON, we are not only your security seal supplier but also a team member as we work in unison with our customers, investigating new approaches, find the best solutions and executing those solutions as a team.

We have specialist skills in manufacturing a range of security seal products wide enough to cater to almost every security solutions. Incorporating the very latest in material and manufacturing technologies, our seals are designed to provide the required level of security, combined with effective performance. All seals can be produced to custom design with your corporate identity and in any language. The range includes tamper indicating plastic seals, metal high barrier seals, tamper evident security labels. Just provide us with your details of the application and quantity you require, we will provide you the most effective and economical security solutions to your specific needs.


Safcon is fast becoming the preferred and favorite brand for leading Electric Utilities. Safcon also has many approvals from various consultants, customers and authorities in the field.